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Get your warehouse back on track with these 3 useful tips

Get your warehouse back on track with these 3 useful tips 

It sometimes happens that after a few years a warehouse is no longer quite what it used to be. We are mainly referring to the layout, the efficiency, the classification and with that also the turnaround time of the products. When a warehouse is unstructured, it can be very difficult for order pickers to do their work properly and customers will have to wait longer for a package. In this blog post, we will give you some tips to make sure that your warehouse is in tip-top shape and your customers receive their orders in the shortest possible time. 


Step 1: Give every product a smart place

To make and keep things as orderly as possible for everyone, it is important that you ensure that all products have a fixed place in the warehouse. The layout is done on the basis of the ABC method. This method means that the products that sell the most and generate the most turnover (this is often 20% of your stock) have a good and easily accessible place in your warehouse. The products that sell the most next (30% of the stock) are placed at the bottom of the warehouse. The products that are sold least often (50%) can be placed at the top of the warehouse without any problems. In addition, it is useful to take into account the size of the products and how heavy they are.  


Step 2: Get your stock in order and make sure you have enough space

In order to keep space for products that sell well and sell frequently, it is important that you always keep track of what comes in and what goes out. Every so often, decide whether the stock you have is still relevant and whether it is important to keep it or get rid of it. Sometimes it is better to get rid of products than to let them take up space in your warehouse. In the long run, it is more profitable to keep enough space.  If you are really short of space in your warehouse, the best thing to consider is to have a mezzanine floor built. With a mezzanine floor you create a complete extra floor in your warehouse which offers the possibility to double the amount of square metres.  


Step 3: Keep the warehouse tidy and clean

A clean environment is not only a nicer place to work in, it is also a lot safer. You don’t want employees to fall down because of debris in the aisles. When the warehouse has been optimally organised, it is time for a big clean. After the cleanup, it is important to keep it up to date daily to avoid new chaos.