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Not sure how attribution works in Google Analytics? We’re here to help you understand more.


What is the media attribution definition and what does it have to do with Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a fantastic free tool for all web analytics. Whenever you’re looking at performance, you are looking at attribution data. That’s because Google has excellent tracking software. Sometimes, attribution data and other analytics data points contradict. As we stated at the beginning, you can’t trust attribution data 100% of the time. With that said, Google Analytics is an excellent free tool that allows retailers to see how customers interact with their websites.


Marketers should be cautious because relying on Google data for attribution is a double-edged sword. Two notable drawbacks to relying on Google for interpretation of data are that it often results in useless, inaccurate data. Google is biased to their own products, like Google Ads. But, what about marketing attribution tools like Odyssey Attribution? They’re unbiased and data-driven. You’ll get the raw data without any calculations or alterations, which could produce an incomplete picture.

One of Google’s most powerful features is that it doesn’t have a vested interest in many areas of the market. Many marketers simply don’t want to spend money on tools that may not work with Google. As a result, advertisers will never know what percentage of their budget goes to Google or if they make any money at all. Google Analytics is a foundational tool in the digital marketing world, but it has some limitations. It can’t collect data from any sources other than Google’s own. If you want to see how your marketing decisions affect your bottom line, this limits your strategy and limits your options. Odyssey imports data from Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Criteo, Awin and Impact Radius — and it might be time for you to do the same. Google Analytics can’t connect with any cost data sources except their own. What’s the point of having Google Analytics if it can’t get all the data? The Odyssey platform makes it possible for users to get important insights like the difference between their current media spend and a suggested media spend.